Online Yoga Program

Online Yoga classes in English, German, French and Slovakian via Zoom

Join us and support a reforestation in the Peruvian Amazon with us

Bliss Body Yoga Flow

Yoga flow inspired by hatha and ashtanga yoga is perfect for those who want to move the whole body, release stiffness and tension accumulated during the day. Through rhythmic movement, deep stretches, and a moment of calm, you will feel energized and blissful. This class suits all-levels practitioners who seek to build up strength and flexibility in the body and mind.


Monday 6pm CET (60mins) ENGLISH

Monday 8pm CET (60mins) GERMAN

Friday 6pm CET (60mins) ENGLISH

Relaxing Yin & Fascia Yoga

Yin Yoga is a cup of a gentle practice achieved through postures held for a longer time. Through stillness and steadiness, we release stuck feelings and emotions from our deep tissues and increase flexibility in the body and create peaceful mind. Perfect for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.


Fascia Yoga combines movement and stillness to align the network of fascia running through the whole body (connective tissues around muscles) which improve the overall flexibility and mobility. This is a great complementary practice to any other yoga class or other sport. As well great for those recovering from injuries and experiencing strong stiffness in the body.


Wednesday 9:30am CET (60mins) GERMAN

Private Ashtanga & Corporate classes

Private classes are based on Ashtanga yoga which is a sacred and personal practice, therefore taught in one-to-one. Ashtanga practice is a series of postures practiced in the same way to achieve a meditative state. Ideal for those who want to penetrate in the depth of yoga and create a sustainable practice.

If you are a big corporation or a small startup, Corporate yoga is an amazing way for your office employees to relax. It will allow them to find a moment of calm at work, improve the posture after all day sitting and learn to manage work-related stress better.


What People Say

“Monika est une très bonne professeure, très posée et patiente ! Ses cours sont toujours très bien préparées et elle essaie toujours de personaliser par rapport à la classe et aux besoins des élèves. Je ressens toujours les bienfaits après une des ses séances.”  Anne, France

“Monika is a professional sensitive yoga teacher who teaches me yoga with the heart. The private sessions are always personalized, Monika has a good eye of my needs and situation in the moment. I really notice a difference in my body and my movements, her eye and knowledge of the technic is really making a difference! I highly recommend her private classes!!”  Samira, Netherlands

About us

Hi there! We are Monika and Veronika, two sisters born and raised in Slovakia who left our homeland at the young age to explore the world. While Veronika found her vocation in healing others as a physiotherapist and osteopath in Germany, Monika studied psychology and became a nomad travelling the world. They both reunited through their passion, a yoga practice.

Monika decided to learn from the source and traveled to India to deepen her yoga practice where she completed several teacher’s trainings. She became an Ashtanga and Yin Yoga teacher, sharing her knowledge with students in Germany, Slovakia, Bali, and Sri Lanka. She teaches in Slovakian, English and French.

Veronika learnt from the best teachers in Germany where she completed her teacher’s training and became an Ashtanga and Fascia Yoga teacher. She loves to combine her knowledge from physiotherapy and osteopathy to achieve the best results for her students. She teaches in Slovakian and German.

Dedicated students and experienced teachers, we love to share our knowledge and experience with everyone who is interested to learn the beauty of the ancient practice in a modern way.

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